Michael F. Brisson
Information Technology Professional
(Working in USA and Mexico)

Web: www.mfbrisson.com
Email: mikeb@mfbrisson.com
Professional History: http://www.mfbrisson.com/resume

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I am a broadly experienced consulting software developer working, in most recent years, with complex, high-traffic, data-driven web applications. Having worked both independently and with teams for clients and employers large and small, I have gained extensive web programming, relational database, and systems integration experience. I will become available for employment or contract work, on-location, or as a teleworker, beginning in September 2013.

If you are aware of a need within your team or organization for a person with my skills and who works very well with others, please contact me for consideration.

Career Summary

  • 6 years of recent, full-time, web application programming using ASP, ASP.Net, C#, VB.Net, MySQL, MSSQL, AJAX, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, etc. Web applications involved extensive use of SQL, web services, and both client and server side scripting to produce: a complex student information system, a petrochemical process management application, and an automated phone message broadcasting system.
  • More than 20 full-time years in IT supporting the diverse technical needs of a variety of organizations: Charter One Financial (St. Paul Federal Bank), Comerica Bank, Compuware Corp., Ford Motor Company, True Value Company, American Motors, Masco Corp. (BrassCraft), General Electric (GE Plastics), River Valley Software
  • Significant role in software development projects in various application areas: student information management, banking, mortgage lending, general accounting and sales analysis, insurance, industrial process management, industrial plant parts procurement, plant equipment safety, plant environmental emissions reporting, auto emissions test data management, hazardous waste transport tracking, web based surveys, online product presentations
  • Private software product venture: programmed software to improve control of text-to-speech audio output
  • BA - Economics (University of Illinois at Chicago); IT Industry Certification (CCP - 1985); 1 yr. UIC Grad. School - Teaching Assistant in Economics, Coursework towards MBA and towards Economics MA
  • Volunteer tutor/mentor/teacher with program for Chicago inner-city youngsters (Midtown Educational Foundation - see www.midtown-metro.org)

What I can do for your organization:

  • Data-driven web application design, programming and support
  • Database queries and custom web display and report generation (HTML and PDF output)
  • Software systems integration
  • Training and mentoring on all levels
  • Windows process script building (using Winbatch)
  • Maintenance programming of existing systems
  • Interactive media development (Youtube JavaScript API, screen recording, video making, etc.)
  • Development, deployment and consumption of web services
  • IVR (interactive voice response) scripting for phone dialogs
  • Custom phone message broadcasting implementations
  • Industrial process monitoring software and dashboard design
  • Decision support for software and service purchases
  • Development of training program content -- writing, images and video
  • Software product demonstrations (live and recorded)
  • Direct customer support
  • Technical liaison to IT service vendors

Career and Educational History Details

Since Oct. 2005 -- Senior Analyst / Web Developer for River Valley Software of Ottawa, Illinois
  • Helped Enhance and Expand a Web Based Grade Book and Student Information system used by over 180 elementary schools around the US:
    • Made significant improvements and added important parts to the complex web application especially to improve system response time and to enhance work flow for the many teachers and school administrators relying on the system to do their daily work. The system handles all aspects of assignment and test score entry and automates grade calculation. It also makes attendance taking easy and includes forms for quick disciplinary note entry. A parent portal allows parents to log in, view student progress and to communicate with teachers via an internal messaging system.
    • Helped program and integrate a phone message broadcasting option into the system. School administrators can establish audio messages that will be sent to selected phones of parents and guardians of specified groups of students. This system is relied upon especially to send messages about snow days and early dismissals during weather emergencies.
    • Programmed a comprehensive set of reports for school management and student performance and attendance tracking.
  • Programmed important aspects of several mission critical web applications used today to support industrial petrochemical production processes as well as plant equipment and personnel safety.

2000-2005 IT Consulting / Web Tools Developent

Assisted various clients with web presence, data and media conversion, systems integration and other needs:

  • For a product wholesaler in Chicago: programmed software to populate a product catalog database by capturing the full content of a large, static product catalog website. This allowed deployment of a more easily maintainable, database-driven, e-commerce website. Developed also for this client a web based system for verifying the legal reseller status of prospective online buyers.
  • For use by small-business clients, developed a series of web interfaces for online manipulation of images, data and textual page content to allow non-technical users to maintain most aspects of a dynamic website.
  • For a New York food celebrity with product development and product marketing aspirations, built a browser based email broadcaster and web-form based survey data capture system. The system uses a simple text data entry interface to allow the building of a recipient database, custom design of invitaition emails and custom creation of online surveys. It also allows real-time, ad hoc queries against a surevey response database. Using the system, the celebrity client sent out over 7,000 emails. Over 800 respondents replied by completing the survey.
  • For an Illinois client, an office furniture start-up, programmed modules to extend the capabilities of a Flash based, text-to-speech talking cartoon character website component (see www.sitepal.com).
  • Built and launched several basic informational websites for business clients in Illinois. Developed an online interface for these clients to allow them to maintain basic content without programmer intervention.
  • For a Chicago private investor: programmed an online, customizable stock market data screener and presentation builder. The system allows the investor to more optimally view and analyze specific market data and market trends to improve trading decision results.

1995-1999 Employed in Chicago, Illinois
  • 1998 - 1999 TrueServ Corporation (Buying Cooperative for "True Value" Hardware Stores) -- Senior analyst within Development Technologies Group: evaluated, configured and rolled out new software development platforms and software quality assurance tools; guided programmers in using the new platforms; built special purpose corporate internal website.
  • 1997 - 1999 Independently researched and worked to develop and patent a software system for optimized storage and transmission of recorded speech performance data (called "The ParaVoice Project").
  • 1995 - 1998 Senior systems analyst/programmer - St. Paul Fed. Bank (now "Charter One Financial")
    • Enhanced, maintained and supported most areas of bank deposit management and mortgage loan management software.
    • Developed custom software for the production and electronic transmission of government mandated equal lending data.
    • Produced programs to handle the gathering of critical mortgage data from each of the bank's branches for nightly batch processing and for data backup.
    • Developed new programs to compute and generate monthly mortgage statements to accommodate new legislation pertaining to escrow handling.

1991 - 1995 College -- Full-Time

Took a voluntary indefinite leave of absence from Compuware Corporation to attend college full-time in order to acquire a bachelors degree.

  • 1991 (Spring) Attended Indiana University - South Bend
  • 1991 - 1993 Attended University of Illinois at Chicago majoring in Economics. Graduated with BA in Spring of 1993.
  • 1993 - 1995 Grad. Student and Graduate Teaching Assistant - UIC Graduate School of Economics (while also attending UIC's MBA program)
  • 1994 Began independent computer consulting practice specializing in database-driven, client-server systems
  • 1994 Initiated research into development of a new speech data storage software concept (called "The ParaVoice Project")

1981 - 1990 Compuware Corporation (Michigan) - Professional Information Technology Consultant ("Contract Programmer")

Major specialties and application areas while with Compuware Corporation include: Database design and development; Programming for online transaction processing; Bulk mailing systems; Raw materials warehouse management software design and development; Financial systems (especially managerial accounting, banking time and demand deposit systems, and bulk bank statement computation and generation); Industrial waste measurement and management systems; Environmental impact reporting management systems; Industrial tool procurement systems for heavy industry (Ford Motor Company).

Main client assignments while employed with Compuware Corporation included:

  • American Motors Corp. (now Daimler-Chrysler), Programmer/Analyst with project team [2+ years]
    • Developed a program to manage engineering project progress data: applied to the design and prototype building of what became the "Hummer".
    • Developed databases and programs to allow online tracking of vehicle emissions test results.
    • With auto engineering software group: Programmed comparative energy source cost estimator to support engineers in charge of auto plant electricity generation.
    • Designed and programmed a hazardous waste shipment tracking system to help insure corporate compliance with OSHA standards for the handling and disposal of industrial waste.
    • Programmed a system to use car production data and car assembly line painting equipment parameters to compute air emissions environmental impact figures for reporting to the U.S. EPA.
  • Comerica Bank [4.5+ years]
    • Senior Analyst/Programmer working with projects converting and upgrading bank's demand and time deposit systems.
    • Developed the program to enable the printing and mailing of the bank's IRA statements (to 400,000+ bank customers).
    • Provided 24-hour on-call software support for bank's time deposit systems.
  • Ford Motor Credit Company (FMCC) [6+ months]
    • Designed and developed an online accounting system for a national farm equipment dealer insurance program.
    • Innovated, designed and programmed a system for bilingualizing all of FMCC's computer reports destined for Quebec Canada to support a provincial bilingual legal mandate. My solution saved an estimated $500,000+ in programming costs over a more traditional, labor intensive approach.
  • Ford Motor Company [2+ years]
    • Programming Group Leader/System Designer for database driven online steel storage and processing tracking system - still used today in 10+ Ford Motor Company metal stamping plants worldwide.
    • Senior Developer for Ford Motor Co's Non-Production Parts Procurement System. Technology included: IMS, DB2, SQL and other.

Note: From 1981-1990, was declared Compuware Corporation "Outstanding Employee of the Month" 3 times.

1973 - 1981 Employment and Education Prior to Association with Compuware Corporation
  • 1977 - 1981 Brass-Craft Mfg. Co. (now Masco Corp.) - Computer Programmer/Analyst (financial and manufacturing applications) while doing coursework at MCC in "Business Data Processing"
  • 1973 - 1977 Macomb Community College (MCC) part-time student - general studies with specialty courses in mass communications while working various full-time/part-time jobs; attended 3 courses at Wayne State University related to Film and Broadcast Production (Creative Writing, Cinematography, Radio Announcing)
  • 1973 Graduated for South Lake High School, St. Clair Shores, MI

Education Summary

  • University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) - Bachelor of Arts, Economics, Grad. 1993
  • University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Graduate School of Economics - Graduate Teaching Assistant with coursework towards MBA and MA (Economics)
  • Other College Coursework: Indiana University - South Bend, Wayne State University (Detroit), Macomb Community College (Michigan) - Business Computing Systems
  • Corporate Internal Coursework: Compuware Corporation Education Division (IT Subjects)

Industry Certification / Awards

  • Compuware Corporation: Outstanding Employee of the Month - 3 times.
  • Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals (ICCP): CDP designation (now CCP - Certified Computing Professional) (1986)
Charitable and Other
  • Volunteer Mentor, Tutor, Teacher to Chicago inner-city boys (700+ hours 1990-2002): Midtown Educational Foundation, Chicago Illinois.
  • Volunteer Computer Science Club Leader/Teacher: 7th and 8th grade boys (Saturday Mornings, since Fall 2011): Midtown Educational Foundation


Teaching/Training/Mentoring Experience

  • Software Development Team Leader and Trainer of Programmers (Ford Motor Co. '88)
  • Training of programmers in use of advanced software development tools (True Value Company '98)
  • Private training of business owners in how to best use their existing systems (several clients -- 2001-2005)
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant - UIC Graduate School of Economics (1994) - as assistant to Professor Dr. Ronald Moses prepared and presented 6 lecture classes to 100+ undergraduate students, actively worked 6+ hours per week assisting undergraduate students
  • From 1990 to 2000 while working and studying in Chicago, IL, volunteered 700+ hours as teacher/tutor/mentor helping Chicago inner-city students and as group coordinator and advisor to other volunteers for a nationally recognized, award winning youth educational assistance program (Midtown Educational Foundation (MEF) -- www.midtown-metro.org). The program, with ample parental involvement, offered to Chicago students coming from generally low-income families: supplemental classroom education, private tutoring, supervised and adult-coached sports, character development and study-habit advice and activities, group field trips, and personal mentoring by college students and working professionals. Provided some computer technical advisory services to MEF as well.

Skill Keywords and Phrases

Developed and applied varying levels of expertise in programming languages, systems development disciplines and software development tools (acronyms and terms listed mainly for database and web searchability):

  • Web Development Related Abilities / Familiar Technologies: Web 2.0 development, ASP.Net framework, using languages/tools C# and VB.Net, HTML, DHTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, AJAX, Microsoft ASP, VBScript, IIS, DB Relational Analysis, Relational Database Design, SQL Coding, Web forms processing using ASP and ASP.Net; data queries and data manipulation using MS Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, XML; Interactive Voice Response (IVR) scripting; Database driven PDF generation; Data Warehousing, WIL, Winbatch development (Windows Scripting), Computer Networking Basics; Digital Photography Services, Adobe Photoshop, Image Editing, Video Editing, Document OCR, Text-to-Speech, Voice-to-Text Implementations, Virtual Host, SitePal, Streaming Video and Audio Implementation, Server Side Scripting, Implementation of ASP Components: ASPHttp, ASPImage, ASPMail, ASPUpload.
  • General IT Skills: Writing of Systems Design Specifications, Writing Systems and Program Documentation, Large Online Systems Resource Requirements Planning, Writing End-User Manuals for Online Systems.
  • Legacy systems technology: Structured COBOL, CICS, DB2, IMS DB/DC, VSAM, TSO, IBM OS/370 JCL, Expediter, AbendAid, MicroFocus COBOL, HOGAN (banking), Ford CMMS technology.

Thank you for your interest. Best Regards,

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